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Adam ja Sauli yhteiskuvissa!

Posted 28.1.2011 By evaisa

Adamista ja Sauli Koskisesta Disneylandin vuoristoradalla 27.1. napattu kuva käynnisti melkoisen uutismyllyn, joka aiheutti sen että “Sauli” oli hetken Yhdysvalloissa twitterin trendilistalla.

Perjantaina 28.1. suomalainen media tarttui asiaan julkaisemalla näyttävästi Splash-kuvatoimiston kautta tulleita uusia kuvia. Tässä mediakooste uutisista:

Todella monet ulkomaalaiset kiinnostuivat suomalaisista uutisista, joten Ilta-Sanomien Kyttääjä-blogissa julkaistiin heitä varten englanninkielinen yhteenveto “When Sauli met Adam”.

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Starting from left: Brooke Wendle, Adam Lambert, Taylor Green and Sasha Mallory. The fourth dancer, Terrance D. Spencer, is not on the picture. Tommy Joe Ratliff is in the background, playing the base. Photo: Susanna Laurila

Starting from left: Brooke Wendle, Adam Lambert, Taylor Green and Sasha Mallory. The fourth dancer, Terrance D. Spencer, is not on the picture. Tommy Joe Ratliff is in the background, playing the base. Photo: Susanna Laurila

Brooke Wendle was interviewed when Glam Nation Tour visited Helsinki, Finland. Interview was published in “Tanssiurheilija” magazine in Finnish. Here is English translation of article.  (In Finnish:, page 7 , published on Dec 14, 2010 or )-  Text: Auli Korhonen. Picture: Susanna Laurila.

“A sneak peak to the world of glitter and glam

We managed to arrange an interview with an international choreographer and dancer in the beginning of November when Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour reached Europe and began its European leg in Finland, in Cable Factory, in a show which sold out in less than five minutes. Brooke Wendle, who has performed in Broadway (Wicked, Aida and Guys and Dolls), in theatres, musicals, TV, and commercials told Tanssiurheilija (Dancer) about her life and work.
It all started at the age of two when Brooke saw her cousin perform in a dance recital and at the same time she decided she was a dancer. She started crying and would not leave the theatre until her mother promised to put her in class. Already at the age of five Brooke was making dances in her bedroom in front of a mirror and at the age of seven she started seeing movement in her dreams, and that is still the case to this day. Brooke’s dance teacher was a huge influence, she took her everywhere and exposed her to professional class at a very young age.
Dancer’s career didn’t start without setbacks. Brooke was born with severe pigeon toes and had to sleep in metal leg braces. She admits that she never had or will have an amazing turnout but not too bad for where she started.
During years Brooke has danced classical ballet, modern, jazz, tap and hip hop. At the age of 23 Brooke managed to get a job at Mia Michaels R.A.W and this experience she describes: “Mia Michaels rocked my world. She changed the way I approach movement and gave me so many wonderful opportunities. I am very grateful.” Live performances continue to be her favourite no matter how intimate or vast the venue is. Nowadays Brooke gives lessons around US and also takes classes; ballet, contemporary jazz and pilates in New York.
At the moment Brooke is touring the world with Adam Lambert. She tells us about her work as a dancer and a choreographer: “Both Adam and I knew exactly what we wanted and we just brought everyone together. It was simple. Rehearsals went pretty fast. We had about a week or so to put everything together with the band, lighting etc. Since we are all friends and so happy to be working with such a nice, talented guy, we kept in light and fun. The best part on a tour is getting to see the world and the worst is missing your loved ones. I feel incredibly grateful to be living out one of my dreams at the moment.”
There are many choreographers who inspire Brooke the most: Matts Ek, Hofesh Shechter, Krystal Pite and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. She has been influenced by such names as William Forsythe, Jerome Robbins, Pina Bausch, and of course Bob Fosse. Brooke names Cyd Charese to her favourite dancer and she describes Sylvie Guillem in a word “perfection”.
In the future Brooke would like to choreograph a broadway show, dance in a movie musical directed by Rob Marshall and make her own dance narrative short films. But for now her life is on the road. “It is definitely all glitter and glam on this tour…. It’s Mr. Adam Lambert!!!! We are having a blast and we are very excited to be here in Europe.”
Text: Auli Korhonen
Photo: Susanna Laurila (in Hamburg)
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2010 oli Suomessa Adamin vuosi

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Vuosi 2010 oli vahvasti Adamin vuosi Suomen virallisissa tilastoissa, eikä hänen saamansa Emma-ehdokkuus ole mikään ihme. Albumi “For Your Entertainment” myi Suomessa kultaa.

Tuskin yksikään radiosta pop-musiikkia kuunteleva suomalainen on voinut välttyä kuulemasta Adamin hittejä. Kolme singleä löytyy Suomen 100 soitetuimman radiohitin listalta:

Kaikki menestyivät hyvin myös viikottaisilla vuoden 2010 virallisilla listoilla (linkit viikkosijoituksiin edellä). WWFM oli parhaimmillaan sijalla 4. Vuoden 100 suosituimman singlen/latauksen listalla sijoitukset olivat 16., 27. ja 29. Kolme singlea top 30:ssa on hieno saavutus.

Vuonna 2011 on luvassa Adamin toinen albumi. Maltamme tuskin odottaa!

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